Dear 2018, Thank you for the Relationships & Experiences Part two

We are back to share more highlights and moments from our 2018!

Social Events, Weddings and Functions in between!

official Donnie Davis for newsletter2018

Donnie Davis – On Location Photography Session – July 2018

KJ's for Video

Kj’s Birthday Celebration – July 2018

For Slide Show Video Corks and Curvee 2018

Marcus Long- Flo Wines- Corks and Cuvee – July 2018

For the Business- Website Setup 20183

TCM Lifestyle – Atlanta Launch – February 2018

For the Business- Website Setup 20182

Prayer Vision Board- Tangy Henry- January 2018

Official Ravens 16th Birthday Photo Session 018_

Raven’s 16th Birthday Session – July 2018

Official Jasmine Block Head Shots 2018

Jasmine Block – Headshot Session – July 2018

Official Symphony and Leonard for Video_

Symphony and Leonard – June 2018

Official Additional Photos June Altridge 2018

June Altridge 90th Birthday Celebration – July 2018

official Pastor Roy 70th Celebration_details and decor_

Pastor Roy’s 70th Birthday Celebration- June 2018

Official E-Chixx Candid Captures 2018

E-Chixx Networking Mixer – July 2018

Official Details and Decor_Aj's 50th Birthday Celebration BBQ1

Aj’s 50th Birthday Celebration – June 2018

Official Glitter and Goals Images 2018_

Glitter and Goals – July 2018

Official Studio Expansion Master Class 2018

Studio Expansion Masterclass – Westin Hotel Atlanta- July 2018

official Keon Block Party for Sharing_

Cakes By Keon Block Party – May 2018

Official Maddy & Me 2018

Maddy & Me Birthday Photo Session – May 2018

Christina's Birthday for Video

Christina’s 9th Birthday Celebration – May 2018

official Pre Prom Family_Elijah 2018

Elijah’s Preprom Photo Session with Family – May 2018

Official Ronda's Birthday Celebration 2018_21

Ronda’s 40th Birthday Dinner Party with Friends- April 2018

Official Yacht Party Birthday Celebration 20181

Shawana’s Surprise Birthday Celebration – Lake Lanier Island -May 2018



Dear 2018, Thank you for the relationships & experiences Part one

So here we are… days away from the New Year.. and we were looking for a easy way to share our year of relationships, experiences and work throughout the year. For us to look back through our file images, is amazing, because you will say to yourself Wow that did happen to us this year So we are going to present to you our year in review in pictures, Not in chronological order, but we will add the dates along the way. Enjoy our sharing of our services with you!

Official Monica's Graduation Images 2018

Monica Epps Graduation Photos! Class of 2018 Georgia State Graduate! December 2018

Official Walker's Legacy 2018_

Walker Legacy Power Awards – Atlanta, Georgia – November 2018

Official Chicago Retreat Day one_

Correllations LLC Event Planners Retreat- Chicago, Illinois – November 2018

Official In the House with PK 2018_2Official In the House with PK 2018_

Baby Shower Preview

Royal Baby Shower – November 2018

Official Posed Images_ Zora Halloween Party 2018

Halloween Brunch – October 2018

halloween video for Hamilton's Party 2018

Hamilton’s Halloween Party – October 2018

Official VanessaParker Speaking Images 2018

Vanessa Parker- Business Services Images – October 2018

Official Endre & Lenoris Engagement Celebration 2018 _ Details and Decor_

Endre & Lenorris’s Engagement Party – October 2018

Official Preview Mark and Megan Wedding 2018

Megan and Mark Newbern Wedding Ceremony – October 2018

Official Preview of Jimmy & Kierra Wedding 2018

Kierra & Jimmy Franklin Wedding Ceremony – September 2018

Video Slide Show for _ OTC Festival 2018

Olde Town Conyers Wine Festival Chef Table Dinner- September 2018

Official #When Women Heal 2018 _August_

#Whenwomenheal Brunch Event- August 2018

Candid Captures_ official baby shower 2018

Jasmine Block’s Baby Shower – September 2018

Official Details and Decor _ CeCe2018

CeCe’s 50th Birthday Celebration – August 2018

Video Wedding 2018

Augustine Wedding Celebration- August 2018

Official Baby Jordon Dedication Services 2018

Jordan’s Dedication Services- August 2018

Jerrye Camp Celebration

Jerrye William Camp Celebration of Life Service- August 2018

Video for Kim and Carlos

Kim and Carlos Foster 20 Year Vow Renewal Ceremony- September 2018

Stay Tuned for more…. Part Two Up next!

Target- Our Target Marketing Activity Guide

Portfolios and Perspectives- Banner For Blog copy

Where’re My Target Clients….??

Target- and I’m not talking about the store… 😂😁😜😁


I’m speaking on who are you talking to as it relates to

your content marketing out here on these internet streets….

DSC_4682 copy

My Story…

Most of my creative life I have constantly created products and services and thought that Wow this is great, but I never had a clear vision on who would this be good for … Oh yes, your family and friends are your 1st go to .. and they think everything you create is great and yes… you are on your way to the next million dollar idea… and next thing you know you are stockpiling product and you have no definite person to buy this stuff. In my early days, I use to craft up and sew a lot of products I did many trade shows and presented my items… sometimes success more times not so successful… Things were slow folks would pass by and even tell you how nice it is… , but no purchase so back home again with all the stuff you came with. Sooo it brings me to Target… Yes, what you do is great Yes what you do is awesome… That product will be great to have for the right person… So it’s up to you to do the research.. find out who is your Target Audience… Who could use your product and or service… What problem are you solving and who is it that has the product… So its time to go to work… Find out who ‘s buying what your selling

So the question remains:

Who are you talking to?

Target Tool Guide.png

Download your Free Guide Here! 

My Truth … My Success…..

Reflections of Success on my journey in Photography…. DSC_4579

Shiny Pretty Success Business 

Dreams of Success using the natural gifts that we possess and learning things along the way.

I never looked at myself as successful. Although I’ve been running around with my camera for years and at one point I was capturing so many special events I was like … I am the women I’m running this event scene in Atlanta

I’m the go to event photographer and I’m working with so many event planners and what makes it even better is that I’m a Certified event planner too!

That makes my job even better. Not only do I capture great images to tell the story of the event, but I pay attention to details and I’m building everyone’s portfolio!

Yay me!!!

Well well…. it wasn’t until I attended a photography workshop and I straight came out of my bubble…. I thought everyone in attendance were new to this game of photography , but when I start seeing all the photo gear and seeing photos taken by my fellow photographer I suddenly realize… Oh you are not who you think you are for sure.

I became intimated and now I didn’t want to show my work due to being called out by rookie errors and not knowing the proper way to balance light for the photos.

Well I continued into my dream world of being the go to social event photographer and I was determine to polish up my skills

So again I would look at all these magazine worthy photos and great shots with beautiful lighting with hopes that one day I will be that successful photographer

I had hopes to work with some of the finest vendors in Atlanta!

Then one day after going through some images from an event I realize I worked along side of a vendors that is in the who’s who of events around Atlanta and that wow… You really are successful.

uncertain of what that really meant for me in the beginning but through this journey I realize you have captured amazing images you work with amazing vendors and your images have been used in magazines, blogs book covers flyers and so much more. So success is all in what it is meant to you personally and goals that you set out to achieve…

So re design success on what that means to you and you will be and Already Are successful!16992096_10212767696651131_1147083055395616839_o

It’s a great day to be alive.

Elisha ~

Foodie Tuesday with Smarty Marty- Turkey Meatloaf

what's for dinner - Cover Photo Blog

Hi Folks! Welcome back to another foodie Tuesday recipe idea from our favorite inspiration recipe idea creator Smarty Marty! Well, she is back with this classic with a change. As the weather in different parts of the country is changing, she has created a more filling dish that gives you comfort after one serving. Turkey Meatloaf is this week dish of the week! So let’s get started with the ingredients you will need to create this meal

1 1/2 pounds ground turkey

  • 3/4 cup crushed buttery round crackers
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Topping:
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Turkey Meat loaf ingredients


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a jelly roll pan.

  1. Mix ground turkey, buttery round cracker crumbs, milk, onion, egg, salt, garlic, and black pepper in a bowl; shape into a loaf and place on the prepared jelly roll pan.
  2. Mix ketchup, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce in a separate bowl; set aside.
  3. Bake meatloaf in preheated oven for 30 minutes; remove from oven and drain liquids. Top meatloaf with ketchup topping. Return loaf to oven and continue baking until no longer pink in the center, about 30 minutes more. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read at least 160 degrees F (70 degrees C).
  4. Turkey Meat loaf 1Turkey MeatloafTurkey Meat loaf2Food Styled and Prepared By Smarty Marty

    Recipe By

    Atlanta Based Photography Elisha Akram (Kustom Kreation Photography) weekly food/recipe contributor Smarty Marty(My Older Sister) combines her love for cooking, photography and plating meals each and every Tuesday for this Segment entitled Foodie Tuesday. Join us each week for a variety of dishes prepared by Smarty Marty

Olde Town Conyers Wine Festival 2018

Recently we were on location to capture images for this first inaugural Olde Town Conyers (Georgia) Wine Festival hosted by the OTC Wine Group. Great night of networking with a mix of great food prepared by Chef Paula and delicious wines provided by Corks & Cuvee

Olde Town Conyers Wine Festival 2018 OTC Wine Group, LLC host “An Evening of Curated Cuisine & Wine Elegance” This Inaugural event features local celebrated Chefs and exquisite wines from around the globe.

Portfolios & Perspectives Workshop – One year Ago

One year ago today we hosted our very first workshop entitled Portfolios and Perspectives!!! This day was such a special one where it brought together my love for photography and event design!!! AJs Catering Atlanta, GA provided the delicious delights and dynamic speakers Vanessa Parker The PinkBoss Helena Paschal Correlations, LLC-Event Training provided the attendees with solid information to build their businesses… and Me!! All I could do is smile from ear to ear…. When you see a vision come to life and everything came together!!!! Thankful for all the participates and staff!!!! More to Come! Let’s build Together!