A Moment with Mother!

A flash back to the  Saturday before Mother’s Day we travel approximately 60 miles to Serenbe Farms to capture a beautiful luncheon with daughters and their mothers. This event really had me feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. Seeing the love between mothers and daughters. One delightful part of the luncheon was a video presentation that featured the daughters giving special Mother’s Day messages. For me it warms my heart to be able to capture these timeless images that will be cherished for generations to come. Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 2018 copyThe beautiful setup for all the mothers and daughters Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 20185 copy

The ladies were able to mix and mingle while we awaited the program to start.

Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 20181 copy

Captured Moments while they enjoyed refreshing drinks and home style muffins 

Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 20182 copyLadies enjoyed a beautiful video presentation of the daughters giving Mother’s Day messages to their mothers. After the presentation, they were gifted with beautiful charmed necklaces. Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 20183 copy

A game was played of how much you know about your mother which brought lots of laughs Official Mother's Day Brunch Images 2018_2 copy

Mother and daughter images were captured to cherish this day. 

Elisha Akram (Kustom Kreation Photography) is an Atlanta Based Photographer Specialing in Social Events, Weddings, Families High School Seniors & Business Headshots!

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40 years of love A Beautiful love Story .

Way Back in 2016 (as though that was a lifetime ago 🙂 we had the true pleasure to capture this beautiful love story of Mr. & Mrs. Palmer.

So here goes the story…


A true Blessing infeed to be able to capture the lives of many everyday people who are doing wonderful things that can teach you lessons to carry on in your life. Today was a day I was blessed to capture a beautiful 40-year-old love story and the offsprings of thhat union 40 years ago. This date was filled with beautiful stories of the couple a skit of how they came to be and the beautiful offsprings from this union…40th anniversary of the Palmers copyThis beautiful event was created by Rebecca Palmer the eldest daughter of the Palmers – Infinite Affairs 40th anniversary of the Palmers1 copyThis stunning couple were waiting for the grand entrance.40th anniversary of the Palmers2 copyThe Palmer’s made their grand entrance and was greeted by family & friends 40th anniversary of the Palmers3 copy

The children of the Palmer’s entertained their parents and guest with playing tunes from the instruments they played in school. They children also acted a full skit for guest and parents giving the history of how they came to be.

DSC_2594 copy

40th Anniversary Celebration Skit of the Palmer’s 

Celebration Planned & Styled By Rebecca Palmer – Infinite Affairs

Rebecca Palmer is an Atlanta Based Event Consultant with over 10 years of experience planning memorable occasions for her clients.

Elisha Akram (Kustom Kreation Photography) is an Atlanta Based Photographer Specialing in Social Events, Weddings, Families  High School Seniors & Business Headshots!

We also custom design party supplies for life’s celebrated moments! Live Love Create Go Kustom! 


Portfolios and Perspectives Style Shoot Workshop in Review

Portfolios and perspectives in Review

Styled Shoot Workshop Based in Atlanta, Georgia 


A dream realized one that came through it was a cold winter day in January one day after a major extreme winter weather storm and we were blessed with an appointment with the dream Coach Tiara LaShae Johnson we met we talked and upon leaving the session she assisted me in pulling out some dreams and aspirations. During our session she assisted me in creating deadlines for my goals. Starting with what I plan to do in the next seven days, then on the next 2weeks followed by 30 day deadline and last but not least 3 month goal.


The three month deadline was to host for the second time our Portfolio and Perspective Event Design Workshop this event is created for up-and-coming designers and photographers looking to build a solid portfolio to showcase their talents while getting the professional images of their work from a variety of perspectives. After months of planning venue shopping marketing for the event looking for vendors sponsors the day finally came and we were able To bring an intimate group of designers together to showcase their talents. Ajs Catering Atlanta provided a beautiful spread of delicious bites. Special guest speaker Kara Norman provided a Mimosa bar with all the fancy Fixin’s



A great morning of high-energy custom designs and dynamic speakers.


Kara Norman – Empower Her Inc., 


Tiara LaRae Johnson – The Dream Coach


Inside look of workshop DSC_6867

A little line dancing to get the blood and creativity flowing – Electric Slide All time Classic



The happenings around the room 


So we are happy to report that our dreams that cold winter day in January or realize and it’s time for us to continue to put in the work and keep setting the bar for ourselves we want to thank each and every individual that participated in assisted in anyway possible we appreciate your love and support. Now let’s continue to build together!

With Love,


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Kara Norman – Empower Her Inc. 

Tiara LaShae Johnson – The Dream Coach

Tahir White – Tasha and Tahir You Tube Channel

Bryant Andrews – Sky Love Images 

Krista  – Krista’s Event Koncepts

Shelia Hamler- Shelia’s Simply Elegant Events

Anthony James – Aj’s Catering Atlanta

Jasmine Townsend- B Exquisite Events

Krystal Cain- Kontour Event Management

Portfolios & Perspective is a Style Shoot workshop based in Atlanta, Georgia created to assist up and coming event planners(designers) and event targeted photographers with interactive workshop to build the portfolios they need to display their talents to their potential clients. Designers are colloborating with industry professionals to put together a style shoot to show their style and creative idea for social events. Photographers are capturing the work of creatives to showcase their style giving a variety of perspectives for the designers.  This workshop also allows you to get the necessary professional images to be displayed on your website and across your social media platforms. 


Meet the Parents…

On this day February 7, 2000 my father made his exit from the planet.  Thinking back over my life and my fondness of photography and the journey of capturing the world through the eyes of my lens came very natural to me seeing that all of our lives my parents always kept a camera and photograph candid moments all through our childhood and beyond. We even schedule family photo sessions at the nearest photo studio  for the professional photographs. As a teenager into adulthood I did the same thing always having a camera near to capture candid moments of our surroundings and photographing classmates at school! So today as I reflect on my dad and all the life lessons he brought myself  and siblings.I’m thankful that he left us fond memories and images that  told a tale of  time in our personal history. Today I honor you dad  and I thank you for the life lesson you taught me!

Now many moons later I find myself as a photographer capturing memories not only for myself and family moments I’m now able to provide timeless memories for host of families that I’m given the pleasure to meet throughout the years. So thankful for my parents who with unspoken words instilled in us the importance of capturing personal histories of people through images. An image can truly be worth a thousand words.

In Loving Memory of my Dad! –