Remembering Yesterday- Life is a Gift Baby Shower

The year was 2011 and we were on fire… creating and designing custom party collections!

When we were contacting by Andineka and her God mother with the idea to create party decoration for a “Life is a Gift” baby shower using the soft baby colors green and yellow.

We jumped at the chance of creating these supplies and also assisting with the setup of the celebration.

We began with custom invitations (a invitation always sets the tone for an event)

Guest were welcomed as they walked through the door with a custom Life is a Gift Banner

Welcome table was right inside to sign guest book and pick up a game sheet.

official Life is a Gift _remembering yesterday_ copy

Classic baby shower games were played including unscramble the words, word find and ice ice baby!

official Life is a Gift _remembering yesterday_1 copy

Aj’s Catering set up a beautiful food displayed in which guest enjoyed the delicious delights followed by your choice of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes for desserts.official Life is a Gift _remembering yesterday_2 copy

Venue- Private Home

Catering – Aj’s Catering Atlanta 678.773.3453

Photography- Kustom Kreation Photography 

Custom Party Collections- The Kustom Shop


Remembering Yesterday- Footsteps on my heart!


Footsteps all my heart and intimate dinner party with friends it all came about during a visit to Tierra Destiny’s consignment shop. We were finishing up our visit and  as I was leaving she was telling me that she would love to do something special for her closest friends. Being passionate about creating special events and decor she and I begin throwing out some ideas and just like that we confirm an event just a few shorts months away. The title of the event came directly from the conversation as Tierra was telling me of these close friends that created footsteps on her heart! Eureka!!!! That is it!!! That is the title of the event.. and everything else will represent that!!! Footsteps on my heart, Once the concept of design was developed when then incorporated favorite color palette.This celebration would be like no other because it was truly created from the heart. We decided on a catered  sit down dinner. Tierra secured venue and catering from Aj’s Catering which in the least did not disappoint! Tierra giving me full rain of planning this event! Layout and design with added touches to make the guest feel special. we chose her favorite color purple with cheetah print with a hint of turquoise blue.

We announce the event in style with customize party invites!   When the day arrives the table was set and a seven course meal was served it was a beautiful celebration of food fellowship and love a few tears were  shed as Tierra explained the reason for the day and took time to write each lady a hand written note explaining how and why they place a footsteps on her heart.

This celebration to date is one for me to remember due to the heart felt nature of why and how it was created! From time to time we should incorporate small gestures to the people that we love respect and admire and let them know how they placed a footstep on our hearts!

Tierra Destiny-

Aj’s Catering Atlanta- 678.773.3458  View work here!

Dinner collection/Design/Setup  The Kustom Shop-

Social Event Photography-



The Kustom Shop- Custom Party Boutique 

One thing that our studio is … We are passionate about meeting new people and creating new things. We are always excited when we have a new project that we are working on. Each year our Kustom Shop produces dozens of decoration packages for the many special occasions taking place over the year. We ship all over the US and we have catered to international clients as well. It’s super thrilling to get our clients to share images of how they use their personalized decorations. Each piece is created with our love and passion for creating beautiful things. So much goes into each project… from the premium paper selection the continuous run of Ink the design and print work. Items cut out and assembled packaged and shipped. There is most definitely a system to our process. We are just thrilled that we can do things that make others happy. We thank you for your continued support! 
Elisha- owner|founder|designer- The Kustom Shop!

Greeting Card Hoarder

Random Thoughts: I am a greeting card hoarder… I love greeting cards and the sentiments of the person giving them to me or us(my children) So over the years I just boxed them up and keep collecting and collecting them… So this past year I decided it was time to let them go… many years of beautiful cards and words to tug at your heart strings… But before I let them go I took pictures of them and the ones with very sentimental words I capture the inside too… What do you do with your greeting cards?

TBT- Throwback Thursday Saints & Smurfs Party Decor

Our Throwback feature this week is a custom party we designed for a client. The client wanted to have a smurf inspired New Orleans Saint 1st birthday party decorations for their one year old son! It was a pleasure working to create these Kustom items for the client. The Smurf carrying the football is the graphic they wanted to appear on the decoration and the letter banner created using football jersey shirts. We contacted a graphic artist to have the image created , and then we began the work for the premium package party kit. This was a super fun and creative party collection to design and create!ImageImage

Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor-

Graphic Design Artist- Xquizit Graphix – 

Our little One…(Oneies Invitation)

Our little oneies invitation was sent out to all our special guest for a recent Hello Kitty Inspired Baby Shower we recently hosted. A custom invitations is always a great way to set the tone for your celebration.

With allot of online ways to invite your guest to your next celebration.

How often do you receive a custom invitation ? Image

Custom Oneies Invitation available in The Kustom Shop!