Captured: Original Selfie-w/company

On occasion when I come across a mirror it’s always allot of fun to capture a quick picture… it’s even more fun when your friends take part in it… I’ve entitled this … Original Selfie w/ Friends! 😊

Enjoy your week! 


During a recent birthday celebration of my dear friend Helena (motivation speaker and nation wide event trainer) this image was captured as the host(Birthday Lady) asked her guest to open the gifts she had placed at the table for each of them! It’s moments like this it’s such a real! 

Keep Going!

Work Day Wednesday Motivation!

Just a reminder in case you get a little weary on the journey! 2015-12-15-14-20-46-1

Event Planners Live Tacos – Christmas Fiesta Book Launch 

After a two-year hiatus Helena’s planters correlations Helena motivates is back with her Christmas party this time celebrating the launch of her first book entitled event planners love tacos which is a seven step guide to help you plan your best life. What the theme of the book being entitled Event Planner’s love taco and the Christmas party was deemed as a fiesta nothing with more befitting been the location this party with Hill at uncle Julio’s in guest enjoyed delicious Mexican food which set the tone of the celebration. Gets for entertain by the likes of Ayesha Thomas who is releasing or has released her first studio album of holiday sounds a.m. the guesswork also entertain by Marisa Landers beautiful voice have done opening ask for the The likes of Chris Brown and others guess were also given training tips based on Helena’s newly published book Event Planner slept tacos and they were given three steps to start the prop process Helena gave testimony of the process of how and why she finally wrote the book and the personal journey of the last year of her life being one of the hardest she had. Event Planners Love Tacos-

Marisa Landers Singer-

Ayesha Thomas- Singer –

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