Remembering Yesterday-Taylor’s All Access VIP party!

It’s official you are  a teenager!

You are an official teenager you’ve turned 13 and your favorite celebrity is Chris Brown.

This was a no brainier to create this custom party collection for my niece’s best friend Taylor.

We created what we called our standard party collection which included table signage water labels cupcake toppers.

With the wide smile on her face we knew this gathering of some of her favorite folks. So as we recap Taylor’s officially 13 party.. complete with custom party supplies and family and

We set up a photo backdrop and took fun photo of Taylor with friends and family. friends…

This celebration was a Big Hit and a Big Surprise to Taylor!



Express Yourself! E Press On
“Express yourself, you gotta be you and only you, babe
Express yourself, and let me be me
Express yourself, don’t tell me what I cannot do, baby
Come on and work your body”-Salt-N-Pepa

Mix it Up!

This little miniature beauty is all you need to mix up some delicious treats! This Dash Brand cutie is the closes thing I have to a kitchen Aide, but it does the trick..

grab delicious recipes at

Milestone Moments- 30th birthday Celebration 

When you have a milestone birthday it’s always great fun to come together with a few friends and family to celebrate this journey in your life. All that you’ve accomplished to this point and goals that you are setting for the future. Krista invited us all out to celebrate with her and announce a launch of her business Krista’s Birthday Koncepts! This is a ninche marketing focusing on planning and styling  Birthday celebration with special emphasis on milestone party! So here you have us gathered at a favorite Tex Mex Restaurant. Great night of friends conversation and fellowship! 

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Mr. Jordan turns 4! 

This past weekend we had the pleasure of capturing Mr. Jordan’s 4th birthday party. The theme was Firefighter… and it was so cute and detailed!!! Love seeing all the little children in their fire hats and taking part in the fire fighting activities for the party!!!! Styled and Created By: Something Pretty Events!!!!