#TBT Baby Shower My Humble Beginning

Jasmine & Marques Baby Shower 2009

When my Aunt ask me to Co Host my Cousin Jasmine Baby shower for the welcoming of her 1st grandson I was delighted to serve in such a position. She gave me full rain to create and design and add special touches to make this celebration a very special one. Our color palette was brown and blue which at that time was a very popular color palette for baby. The theme of the Shower was a Star is Born. We had so much fun crafting up some items from tissue paper poms to favor tags banners, games we even made t-shirts to be coordinated with the theme. So when the day of the shower came it was so fun putting all the stuff together and welcoming the guest. A star was really born… The creative star that was within me that I thought nothing about. From the days of me being a little girl I always love arts and crafts sewing coloring drawing and paper paper and more paper.

2009 shower copyFrom thisĀ event I was then given a call from one of the attendees that was very impressed of the customization of the party supplies. A call was placed and the ladies wanted to know how much I charged to create custom items they had a friend’s baby shower they were hosted and would love some of my decorations. When I got off the phone, I really couldn’t believe that someone wanting to buy some stuff for me, I didn’t have any packages I didn’t even know I was selling party supplies. Me being a serial entrepreneur since I was a young girl I immediately got on the phone with my business adviser ( My nephew) and ask him what do I do. ?? He then help me to develop a package price. I then called my 1st clients back gave them a price and ta da Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor was born… Since that day in March of 2009 We are so happy and thrilled to be apart of everyone’s celebration by creating our handmade customize party decoration for many of life’s celebration. One day I will tally up all the custom collections we have created since that day… Sometimes you never know what passions you have buried in you until God uses Angels (everyday men and women) to bring something that is already planted in you out. I’m so very Thankful of the opportunity to serve in my gift of love of crafting!!!


Greeting Card Hoarder

Random Thoughts: I am a greeting card hoarder… I love greeting cards and the sentiments of the person giving them to me or us(my children) So over the years I just boxed them up and keep collecting and collecting them… So this past year I decided it was time to let them go… many years of beautiful cards and words to tug at your heart strings… But before I let them go I took pictures of them and the ones with very sentimental words I capture the inside too… What do you do with your greeting cards?