During a recent birthday celebration of my dear friend Helena (motivation speaker and nation wide event trainer) this image was captured as the host(Birthday Lady) asked her guest to open the gifts she had placed at the table for each of them! It’s moments like this it’s such a real! 


Remember Yesterday-Milestone Birthday in Vegas 

Throwback Thursday – March 2016

Last year my brother decided to celebrate his 40th birthday in Las Vegas! Making a whole big celebration on the west coast a few friends traveled from Ohio to Nevada for a weekend of fun and excitement. With so much to do we made sure to enjoy every minute of our time spent on the trip. To make things a little more special we customize some party decor of his favorite basketball team The Spurs! (He is a die hard Spurs fan) The decoration added just a little special detail to the room. This was a milestone to remember fun times great moments spent with friends… Ahhh…. Can’t wait until the next time!!!

Custom Party Decorations- The Kustom Shop!

Monday Motivation Moment… 

alt=”make-moves-monday-blog” width=”1280″ height=”608″ />A few years back we decided to put a more positive spend on Mondays as a good start to the work week. As a entrepreneur work life can be a mix of allot of different things…working in your business and working on your business. So instead of seeing and reading the negative tone that some folks have as you enter into Monday we said Monday is a Make Moves day…No matter if it’s business or personal everyone is moving about their day… So it your moving your covers over your eyes to avoid getting up and starting your day…If your up making meditation moves… preparing for school work or whatever agenda you have ahead of you… We all find ourselves moving about our day.So as we continue to move into the new year and beyond we have lots of moves to make and each week we post images of shoes/ feet that represent all the  moves being made.

Happy Make Moves Monday!! 

About a Week Ago… 

dsc_4894Last week we were basking in beautiful weather like it was springtime right in the middle of January! (We are located in Atlanta) Nervously preparing myself for a photo session.. overthinking the process ( information we tell our clients not to do) fumbling through the closet trying to find just the right outfit(s) to wear. Looking around to grab the right props to incorporate in the shoot…in that minute I was overloading with too many ideas and anxiety as time was coming closer to rushing out the door… calling the photographer and pushing our scheduled time back grabbing my son… (my behind the scenes photographer) and running out the door making one stop by the store to pickup  balloons. So upon arrival photographer /artist Jayce the Artist was just so pleasant laid back… as shy as I am she helped me to be comfortable and I was able to relax and tell about my journey in this photography and just like that magic happen. Pure authentic natural photographs were captured. Thank you Jayce for your patience craft and your ability to capture me in a way that brought so much joy when images were received. Wow E Wow this just happened about a week ago!

Say What?!

Theme Parties are always a hit! Party Goers get a chance to dress up in character and experience life in the theme of the celebration. What’s even more fun is the creation of party supplies that add to the theme. This custom photo booth sign collection was created for an 80’s and 90’s party! Super excited to create signage with catch sayings for some classic 80’s and 90’s shows… Can you guess the TV show sayings?


Photo booth sign collection Available here!