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We are 6 months into 2017! How are you holding up with your goals for the year or your new year resolutions. In six months we know life is happening all around us and sometimes we may have to restart!  Here is a Free Vision Guide Download… We got six months to write it down and make it happen. Get ready Set and Download!!!! Let’s Do this!!!

Picture This


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Captured: Water – trying to increase my intake… working on getting up to 1 gallon a day… How much water do you drink per day…


Monday Motivation Moment… 

alt=”make-moves-monday-blog” width=”1280″ height=”608″ />A few years back we decided to put a more positive spend on Mondays as a good start to the work week. As a entrepreneur work life can be a mix of allot of different things…working in your business and working on your business. So instead of seeing and reading the negative tone that some folks have as you enter into Monday we said Monday is a Make Moves day…No matter if it’s business or personal everyone is moving about their day… So it your moving your covers over your eyes to avoid getting up and starting your day…If your up making meditation moves… preparing for school work or whatever agenda you have ahead of you… We all find ourselves moving about our day.So as we continue to move into the new year and beyond we have lots of moves to make and each week we post images of shoes/ feet that represent all the  moves being made.

Happy Make Moves Monday!! 

Keep Going!

Work Day Wednesday Motivation!

Just a reminder in case you get a little weary on the journey! 2015-12-15-14-20-46-1