It’s a Celebration of Father!

To all the daddies of the world!!! We salute you!!!

Happy Father’s day!!!

Photography By: Kustom Kreation Photography


Life is a Gift!

Have a Blessed Day & Week!

To You From Me with Love

“Everything in Creation Serves a Purpose” I am thankful to my service to others. Woke up this morning full of gratitude. During a recent training class we had the opportunity to work with students to capture images of their event design work as well as providing them with head shot images that they can utilize for business and personal. Today when I logged on to our social media platforms we were tagged in several post from some of the attendees that were using images they received. Overwhelmed by the love, I found myself just full of gratitude to use my services, creativity and gifts to assist in servicing others. We are truly passionate about the work we do and the service we provide.


You can learn more about our photography service and the work we provide. We love servicing small business and entrepreneurs assisting in creative lifestyle brand images that can be shared online and across all of your social media platforms. We also provide creative product photography. Giving concepts and idea displays to your product images.
Kustom Kreation Photography-

50th Birthday Celebration featuring The Artist! 

Last Friday evening as the month of May is winding down we had the pleasure of capturing this 70’s theme 50th birthday celebration. It was a great night of friends and family with a added bonus performance by The Artist. He performed a medley of Prince’s Music while the audience cheered for more! This was a terrific way to make your entrance into your party and entertain the guest as well. A decade renewal with a gathering of friends and family and delicious food. This was a night to remember! 

Sign Me Up- Scandalious Birthday Celebration

Recently we captured a beautiful Scandal Theme Birthday celebration for a fun couple. They were celebrating their birthdays and decided to theme it out to one of their favorite tv shows Scandal. All the details and role play made for a great night of fun.. We were excited to create custom party decor and signage for the celebration…. Are you ready to Sign up??!!

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_1 copyRhonda & Victor Scandal theme bday copy

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_2 copy

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_3 copyOfficial Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_4 copyOfficial Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_5 copy

 Event Planner & Stylist – Rhonda Yearwood – We Tie Knots-

Kustom Kreation Photography-

Custom Party Decorations- Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor

Camille’s Doc McStuffin Party

Six Months of Celebrations  -Kustom Kreation Special Event Photography

Our 1st half of 2014

Camille’s Doc McStuffin Party 

Helena’s Planners created a Doc Mcstuffin Party experience for Dr. Camille who was celebrating her 6th birthday. This celebration was one to remember for Dr. Camille and all her fellow colleague doctor friends.

The decor was custom design for Dr. Camille Activities included creating your own stuff animal, pin the bandage on the patience and pinata fun. Children received certificates of

With all the custom decor and activities for the children everyone left the party with a smile on their face.

Camille Official Doc in a Box Party_5 copyCamille Official Doc in a Box Party_4 copy 2Camille Official Doc in a Box Party_6 copyCamille Official Doc in a Box Party_1 copyCamille Official Doc in a Box Party_2 copyCamille Official Doc in a Box Party_3 copy

 Event Planner, Decor & Styling – Helena’s Planners

Event Photography- Kustom Kreation Photography