Remembering Yesterday- Wii Dance Party for the Kid in You!

They Year was 2011 and Wii was the hot video game system making way with all of the fun dance games to get you grooving. So this year for my birthday I had decided to invite friends over for some food fun & games. WII…

This was our Snack Food Bar… we had a variety of little snacks… pretzels, chips, cheese puffs, cookies and more…

Wii party copy

Beverage Bar… and the children were trying to pour their own drink from the beverage dispenser

Wii party2 copy

We have multiple TV’s and game consoles set up to provide areas for everyone to get their dancing in.

Wii party1 copy

We were jamming trying to keep up….


Our Fun Photo Booth! This was set up to be able to take pictures with all the guest

photobooth fun_wii party

Photos with all the party people! wii_people_and_elisha

Wii Party Decorations and Setup By – The Kustom Shop

Photography By РKustom Kreation Photography 


Super Sonic Six- Cameron’s 6th Video Game Birthday Party

For my little guy 6th Birthday Celebration we decided for the 2nd year in a row a video game celebration. We opt to do the celebration at home by turning our living room into a game room. For the last past year Cameron has been crazy obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and the other video characters from Sonic video games. We decided on a Sonic inspired party where we created custom party decorations for his celebration. With a Full Snack Bar with all the goodies including fruit kabobs,popcorn, cupcakes, chips and mini candy bar. The snack bar was a big hit by all the guests. Their were a total of 3 video stations for the children to choose from. It was a great time enjoying all the kids playing games eating snacks and having a great time!



Event Styling and Decor & Photography – Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor –