Jam on It- An 80’s Style Birthday Party



Michael Jackson *Prince* Madonna…. Whoo Hoo! It’s the decade of the 80’s

dsc_6435Jam on it… When we received a call from Aj’s catering asking for some custom signs for an up and coming 80’s party… We were all in…. We just needed a few particulars and then we were ready to assist where ever we could. After getting the information of layout and ideas  from client(who is out of the box creative)  we awaited the menu and instructions and went to work on the creative ideas that Aj of Aj’s catering had in mind.


The client theme for her son’s 9th Birthday party was a retro 80’s theme as well as introducing her son who has been taking professional dj classes. Once menu was set we went to work on the custom signs that would add theme details to the already grand ideas! Our area was entitled Hamilton Records (like Tower Records) A popcorn station was a client must , so Aj’s catering theme the popcorn bar The King of Pop – Popcorn station which this area had a variety of flavored popcorn then a few other classic/ and kiddie foods were Sloppy Joes, Nachos with all the fixings veggie platter complete with a cabbage patch kid fruit kebabs, chicken tenders and fries. We created T-shirts with a Hamilton Records Logo so that we all could be in tune with the theme of the party.

The celebration had so many aspects guest were encourage to bring their roller skates and skate boards where there were ramps to ride and perform stunts (for the advance skater) Break dancers came out to perform and the premier of Hamilton- DJ P.O. B. making his debut!


This was the ultimate 80’s party that included so many things that took you back to the decade


50th Birthday Celebration featuring The Artist! 

Last Friday evening as the month of May is winding down we had the pleasure of capturing this 70’s theme 50th birthday celebration. It was a great night of friends and family with a added bonus performance by The Artist. He performed a medley of Prince’s Music while the audience cheered for more! This was a terrific way to make your entrance into your party and entertain the guest as well. A decade renewal with a gathering of friends and family and delicious food. This was a night to remember! 

40th Birthday Celebration- Chanel Theme

Six Months of Celebrations  -Kustom Kreation Special Event Photography

Our 1st half of 2014

Chanel’s 40th Birthday Celebration 


Chanel Theme 40th Birthday Celebration for a beautiful lady with the name Chanel

This private soiree was perfect for a close niche of family and friends.

Beautiful and delicious food by Aj’s catering and a variety of spirits

made for a great celebration.

Guest had lots of fun at the red carpet photo area!

Chanel official Birthday Party Pictures_ copy Chanel official Birthday Party Pictures_1 copy Chanel official Birthday Party Pictures_2 copy Chanel official Birthday Party Pictures_3 copy 2 Venue- private home

Aj’s Catering – 678.773.3458

Cake & Cupcakes By – Cakes By Keenah

Event Photography- http://www.kustomkreations4u.com



Decade Renewal Celebration- 40th Birthday Celebration

 Six Months of Celebrations  -Kustom Kreation Special Event Photography

Our 1st half of 2014

Relaunch/Birthday Celebration Party – 1.18.14

This year I decided to honor my 40th year on the planet with a a party at a private residence. We brought together a host of family and friends from near and far to come out and celebrate with me. Aj of Ajs’s catering assisting in helping put on a memorable event. He provided delicious food spread and a dessert bar that included a variety of flavor popcorn bar.  On this night I had the opportunity to smile and dance like no one was watching. A wise words station was set up for guest to give their best advise or well wishes. A photo booth was open to take fun pictures of the guest In turn the same images were sent out as a party favor accompanied with a Thank you card for coming out.  This night was a fun and memorable night where I can reflect on  a good time with close friends and family.

So Full of gratitude

This celebration was a great way to enter into my fourth decade of existence!

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E40 Official Party Pictures 20142 copypix for sharing1 copypix for sharing3 copypix for sharing4 copyE40 Official Party Pictures 2014 copyE40 Official Party Pictures 20141 copy

Custom Party Items By- Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor

Special Event Photography- Kustom Kreations Photography

Catering – Aj’s Catering- 678.773.3458

Dessert /Popcorn Bar- Aj’s Catering– 678.773.3458

Mini Cupcakes – https://www.facebook.com/smoreminis/info

DJ- Glass Dee Entertainment www.go-djs.com

Sign Me Up??!!! Tiffany Inspired Catering Signs

The last project of 2013 was the creation of Catered Signs for one of my favorite Caterers Aj’s Catering. New’s Years Day Brunch with Tiffany & Co. Inspiration. It was so fun added the special details to add to the signature flare of their food table display. What a great way to close out the year was something creative sparkling and oh so pretty… Are you ready to Sign up??!!



Tiffany Inspired Catered Sign Collection- Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor

Aj’s Catering- www.ajscateringatlanta.com

Mickey Mouse Inspired Party

Recently the Kustom Shop was contacted by one of our favorite caterers Aj’s catering to put together a custom Magical Mickey Mouse Collection. We were delighted to put together one our premium party packages which included custom signage for the food buffet by Aj’s Catering. We decided before the collection was package and sent out to the client. We styled a shoot that displayed party items and gives an idea how to use the Kustom items that are created from The Kustom Shop!


Party circles were used to create napkin rings and embellish plain colored cups

2′ circles were paper cut to glue on to plain black plates to create Mickey ears

Kustom Mickey Inspired Premium Collection – Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor 

Caterer Signage- Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor

Aj’s Catering – www.ajscateringatlanta.com