Remembering Yesterday- Jade’s Roaring 20’s Dinner Party!

Flappy Dresses, designer head gear.. feathers pearls and boas all the details for a special 20’s theme birthday celebration.  The year was 2012 and in true style, Jade Ladson invited us to an intimate dinner party with friends at Brio! Fun Food & Lots of Laughter as we celebrated Jade.  We enjoyed great conversation, dinner and delicious desserts All guest came dressed in their best 20’s gear!

Jade's roaring 20's birthday celebration copy

Jade is always planning something fun and amazing for her friends to celebrate with her! Jade's roaring 20's birthday celebration1 copyJade's roaring 20's birthday celebration2 copy

Cheers to a great celebration!

Planning & Styling By J. Ladson Weddings

Specialty 20’s theme Decor by The Kustom Shop


Remembering Yesterday- Wii Dance Party for the Kid in You!

They Year was 2011 and Wii was the hot video game system making way with all of the fun dance games to get you grooving. So this year for my birthday I had decided to invite friends over for some food fun & games. WII…

This was our Snack Food Bar… we had a variety of little snacks… pretzels, chips, cheese puffs, cookies and more…

Wii party copy

Beverage Bar… and the children were trying to pour their own drink from the beverage dispenser

Wii party2 copy

We have multiple TV’s and game consoles set up to provide areas for everyone to get their dancing in.

Wii party1 copy

We were jamming trying to keep up….


Our Fun Photo Booth! This was set up to be able to take pictures with all the guest

photobooth fun_wii party

Photos with all the party people! wii_people_and_elisha

Wii Party Decorations and Setup By – The Kustom Shop

Photography By – Kustom Kreation Photography 


During a recent birthday celebration of my dear friend Helena (motivation speaker and nation wide event trainer) this image was captured as the host(Birthday Lady) asked her guest to open the gifts she had placed at the table for each of them! It’s moments like this it’s such a real! 

50th Birthday Celebration featuring The Artist! 

Last Friday evening as the month of May is winding down we had the pleasure of capturing this 70’s theme 50th birthday celebration. It was a great night of friends and family with a added bonus performance by The Artist. He performed a medley of Prince’s Music while the audience cheered for more! This was a terrific way to make your entrance into your party and entertain the guest as well. A decade renewal with a gathering of friends and family and delicious food. This was a night to remember! 

Sign Me Up- Scandalious Birthday Celebration

Recently we captured a beautiful Scandal Theme Birthday celebration for a fun couple. They were celebrating their birthdays and decided to theme it out to one of their favorite tv shows Scandal. All the details and role play made for a great night of fun.. We were excited to create custom party decor and signage for the celebration…. Are you ready to Sign up??!!

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_1 copyRhonda & Victor Scandal theme bday copy

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_2 copy

Official Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_3 copyOfficial Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_4 copyOfficial Rhonda and Victor Scandal Bday party_5 copy

 Event Planner & Stylist – Rhonda Yearwood – We Tie Knots-

Kustom Kreation Photography-

Custom Party Decorations- Kustom Kreation Celebration Decor

Casino Theme 40th Birthday

Six Months of Celebrations -Kustom Kreation Special Event Photography

Our 1st half of 2014

Casino Theme 40th Birthday Celebration  – By TSO Events 


Vegas Style Gambling Party

TSO Events Designed a custom 40th Birthday Celebration

Complete with a red carpet entrance, themed centerpiece

Gambling Tables and a Dj mixing a variety of tunes

Once the guest of honor showed up to the party everything was in full swing!

Delicious food prepared by Red Velvet Caterers.

A great Celebration to bring in your turning of age.

Official Casino Theme Birthday 2014 copyOfficial Casino Theme Birthday 20141 copyOfficial Casino Theme Birthday 20144 copyOfficial Casino Theme Birthday 20142 copyOfficial Casino Theme Birthday 20143 copy

TSO Events-

Red Velvet Catering-

Event Photography – Kustom Kreation Photography

Classy Stylish 40th Birthday Celebration

Six Months of Celebrations  –Kustom Kreation Special Event Photography

Our 1st half of 2014

Kara’s 40th Birthday Celebration


As we entered the Month of March which is Women’s history Month

We kicked off this month with a celebration of a great friend of mine

Kara Norman founder of Empower Her Inc.

An empowerment agency for women and girls

This celebration was very classy and a whole lot of fun.

Food Family Friends and a dance floor stayed crowded with the beautiful

mix of music by the DJ!

Guest enjoyed signature drinks from the bar and a variety of foods and dessert.

So happy to capture and celebrate a great lady!

Official Kara's 40th Birthday Celebration2 copy
Official Kara's 40th Birthday Celebration1 copyOfficial Kara's 40th Birthday Celebration copyOfficial Kara's 40th Birthday Celebration3 copy

Official Kara's 40th Birthday Celebration4 copy

Venue: Neighborhood Clubhouse
Photography & Custom Signage : Kustom Kreation Photography & Celebration Decor

Catering- Thompson Catering –

Dessert Bar & Cake – SueWeet Tings Desserts –

DJ- Glass Dee Entertainment