Calgon Take Me Away!

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Calgon Take Me Away!

The last few weeks have been action packed, busy, fun and exhausting. Yesterday I hit a wall after constantly pushing through pure exhaustion. The low gas warning light on my tank that I had been ignoring for several days suddenly flipped to empty and “Angry Mama Bear” arrived to take over. Everything was irritating me, and my patience was nowhere to be found. The look of horror in my daughter’s eyes when I growled at her to leave the room that mommy was done was not a proud mom moment for sure. Sorry pretty girl, mommy loves you! I stormed through the kitchen slamming anything that I could find and then stormed back into my bedroom. I told anyone within ear shot that I was done for that night and no one could ask me for another thing. I felt like a toddler having a tantrum and it felt good for some reason. Hello two year old Kara. Everyone would have to figure things out for the rest of the night and the house would continue to look like a war zone.

I took off my clothes, put on my pajamas, poured a glass of wine, turned off all the lights, and crawled into bed. I turned on my favorite show, “This Is Us” – love that show! My daughter came back in a few times with a stomach ache and a few other things, but I stayed in the bed and told her where to find something to settle her stomach and directed her to get things together. I settled in to watch the show and guilt slowly crept in and reminded me of the million things I needed to do and that my attitude and behavior was not nice. I pushed past those feelings and settled into bed and allowed myself to relax. I feel better today but still need to pour into my tank and need more self-care time for sure.


As I thought about pulling something together for this week’s post (I missed by deadline so sorry Elisha 😉) all I could think of was the Calgon bath soap that was sitting by my tub. I remembered seeing the Calgon commercial as a little girl in the 80’s. It depicted a busy mom stressed with work, home and life. She got to her breaking point and screamed “Calgon Take Me Away”. Instantly she was transported into a beautiful luxurious spa like tub in a tranquil setting surrounded by the most amazing bubbles. She looked to be a million miles away from her home. She described the experience as a luxurious getaway. That’s some powerful bubble bath, Calgon I have my passport ready! I picked up a box of this magic potion a few months ago and I must say it is very relaxing!

A bubble bath is DEFINIETLY on my to do list for this evening as well as my intention to remind you to get away mentally as well as physically even if for a few moments. Take care of you. I know that I share these tips often, but it is easy to get to that empty tank and miss all the warning alerts at each mile marker.

Cheers to Calgon Take Me Away Moments, Mama bear growls and the journey to take care of YOU first!

By Kara Norman- Empower Her, Inc.

Kara Norman Atlanta Based Women Empowerment Thought Leader and bi-weekly blog contributor.

Kara Norman has been working with Women and Girls for a number of years. Her nonprofit organization Empower Her Inc , have led to many opportunities in the space of making social changes as it deals with women and their many roles in society. You can learn more about Kara Norman and Empower Her Inc. at


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