Cheers to Spring!


banner for Kara Power HouWe’ve come through a cozy season of hibernation and hopefully, we are feeling restored and rejuvenated to welcome spring and a brand new quarter!


Here are a few tips to help you spring forward:


  • Refresh your mind!  Mediation is a daily reset to your mind, body and spirit. Simple Five minute meditations are perfect ways to reset your mind and get aligned with your spirit. Oprah and Deepak Chopra just launched another free 21-day mediation series that focuses on Shedding the Weight of the Mind Body and Spirt. Sign up today – they are only on Day 2 so still time to catch up!


  • Refresh your sleep!  What’s the single most important thing you can do to start each day with more energy, optimism, and freedom?  Getting better sleep!  I am so excited that one of my favorite wellness experts, Latham Thomas, is launching a new series of mediations focused on reclaiming deep and truly restorative rest.  Her complete audio program called Beditations is designed to show us how to reboot ourselves and help us get grounded, present and centered, sleep better, and recharge our physical, cognitive, and spiritual reserves.  I can use more siestas in my life! You can pre-order your copy today by visiting this link:


  • Refresh routines – Break up the boring routines of life and get some spontaneity going! Try a different class at your gym that is way out of your comfort zone or take out a map of your state and pick a random place to visit for a quick day trip.  Self-Care is also a great area to shake things up and put yourself at the top of your list of priorities.  What would you love to do but too scared to try? Grab a friend and give it a shot!


  • Refresh your health – Pay closer attention to how your body feels and listen to your intuition. This is a perfect time to schedule that yearly physical and put your health first! Now that the days are longer and things are warming up let’s get moving and on the path to wellness!


Happy first week of Spring! Cheers to clearing your mind, cleansing your soul and rebooting for the new season!

By Kara Norman- Empower Her, Inc.


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